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Voyage of the Damned


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To mark the thousandth year of peace in the Empire of Concordia, the emperor’s ship—the Dragon’s Dawn—embarks upon a twelve-day voyage. 

Aboard are the illustrious heirs of the twelve provinces of Concordia, each graced with a unique magical ability known as a Blessing. Except one: Ganymedes Piscero—class clown, slacker, and all-round disappointment. If anyone finds out about his missing Blessing, his entire province will be cast out of the empire into the arid wastes beyond. Because if lone heir Ganymedes hasn’t inherited the Blessing, that means one of his forbidden bastard siblings has. But Ganymedes has a plan—offend the league of pretentious assholes enough to be expelled from it before his devastating secret is discovered.  


However, Ganymedes is not the only passenger with devious intentions—when a beloved heir is murdered, all the remaining scions are suspects. Stuck at sea and surrounded by powerful people he’s purposefully pissed off, Ganymedes’ odds of survival are slim. But as the bodies pile higher, he must become the hero he was not born to be and unmask the killer before he ends up the next victim of their bloody crusade.

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